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Sun Island Tours was established in 1989 as a niche travel operator for the Mediterranean Region. Their accommodation, tours, cruises and packages cater for a variety of travel experiences from vacations to business trips, group excursions to a once-in-a-lifetime weddings or honeymoons.

Sun Island provides personalised assistance in its specialised destinations: Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Jordan and Israel. Tailor-made packages as well as Mediterranean cruising, domestic ferries and chartered yachts are part of their expertise.

With English-speaking local agents in every country in which they specialise, they offer assistance and 24-hour emergency contacts for travelers’ peace of mind.

The challenge:

To design and print a range of travel brochures and event collateral that reflects the client’s specialisation in this sought-after travel region.

The solution:

Since 2001, we’ve continued to create targeted print and digital marketing material for Sun Island including niche product brochures, event collateral and signage.

Sun Island brochures
Sun Island brochures
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