NSK brochure


In the world of dentistry the NSK brand is well known. This Japanese based dental equipment company produces some of the finest handpieces in the industry.

NSK’s ethos is about bringing something new to the world. They do it by developing advanced technologies that never cease to amaze and delivering value beyond the profession’s expectations across their entire product range. They achieve this through their typically Japanese commitment to precision. This ethos underlies NSK’s meticulous approach to product and technological development.

The challenge:

To create marketing material that reflects the same meticulous attention to detail, commitment to perfection and high quality.

The solution:

We’ve created professional print and digital material that is utilised across a variety of applications. NSK are a predominately B2B therefore the product catalogues, flyers and advertising and signage are all reflective of this. EDMs and digital marketing material are also a  major part of our work for NSK.

NSK signage
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NSK brochure
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