Maserati calendar


Bold, graceful, assertive and elegant, Maserati offers something very different in a world of grey conformity. As you’d expect of a luxury vehicle, there’s soothing comfort and effortlessly intuitive technology yet there’s much more: a sporting character and race-bred performance that set the marque apart. Founded in 1914 to produce Grand Prix cars the first Maserati was built in 1926.

With a mission to build ultra-luxury performance automobiles with timeless Italian style Maserati’s range embodies the spirit and their hunger to innovate, compete and win. Maserati is known for its elegant, bold design, progressive technology and a palpable experience behind the wheel.

The challenge:

To reflect the same elegant and graceful character of the brand through every piece of marketing material.

The solution:

From tactical letterpress menus on heavy cotton papers to simple, clean line brochures reflecting the brand, Bodoni has risen to the challenge again and again, producing a wide variety of marketing material that truly reflects everything Maserati represents.

We’ve produced product brochures and event collateral including signage, media walls, menus and lanyards. We’ve also been involved in Maserati’s promotional fulfilment, EDM and digital marketing material.

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