There’s much more to the world of Ferrari than an exhilarating driving experience and the pride of owning a moving piece of art. Like the members of an exclusive club, Ferrari owners enjoy a host of enviable privileges. Driving courses teach Ferrari owners how to savour the formidable performance of the Prancing Horse to the full, in safety. There are also guided tours of the Ferrari Factory and membership to The Ferrari Formula 1 Club, the best place to enjoy the thrills of a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The legend began in 1947 with Enzo Ferrari, a V12 engine, and a personal determination to create the purest and most exhilarating performance car the world had ever known, a car that would carry his name with pride and passion. For those very few who have the opportunity to own a Ferrari of any age, the experience is unique and all-consuming.

The challenge:

To follow the same passion for design and perfection through a range of marketing materials.

The solution:

We’ve designed and printed various event collateral that reflects the same level of perfection, passion and design spirit inherent in the Ferrari brand.

Following strong brand guidelines, we’ve created print and digital material that are utilised across a variety of material: product brochures, event collateral, signage, media walls, menus and lanyards. We’ve immersed ourselves in the brand’s culture to create promotional fulfilment, EDM and digital marketing material that reflects the spirit of Ferrari.

Ferrari collateral
Ferrari catalogue
Ferrari catalogue
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