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Project Description

Aston Martin events


Synonymous with classic style everything about the Aston Martin brand is finely tuned. Sculptural forms, athleticism and musculature express the brand’s inherent dynamism.

Since the first Aston Martin was crafted more than a century ago, it has grown to become an internationally admired luxury brand. Aston Martin revolutionised the sports car industry by introducing a succession of iconic cars that continue to set pulses racing.

On road and track that passion endures in the irresistible draw of an Aston Martin. Their beautifully designed cars are synonymous with high performance, bespoke craftsmanship, technological innovation and timeless style.

The challenge:

To reflect the brand, with a similar craftsmanship and timeless design, across every piece of marketing material.

The solution:

From simple, clean-line brochures to elegant event collateral, Bodoni has worked with our client to produce a variety of marketing material that truly reflects the Aston Martin ethos. We’ve produced event brochures and collateral including menus and lanyards.

Aston Martin events
Aston Martin events
Aston Martin events
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